Friday Phenomena   

This will be a long read, so grab a coffee. 



Basic information of event:


Date:                         Friday 4th May 2018. (The irony of the date, in American format, is not lost on me)


Time:                         Roughly 06:15 to 07:45 Central African Time (GMT +2) – One and a half hour approximate duration.


Location:                   Observed from Melkbosstrand, North of Cape Town, South Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean. Observation location on the shore of Atlantic Ocean, at an elevation of around 12m above sea level.


Field of view:         An arc of around 2° above the horizon, to around 90° above horizon, in direction generally between West and North. Viewable area from the Observation Point (OP) is from horizon to around 110° vertical, and roughly 150° horizontal. OP is on the beach/shore, with normal high tide line around 20m-30m away, depending on layout of property.


Weather:                 At time of the observations the weather was fine with zero cloud cover and negligible wind. There was no mist or haze in the air at the time and visibility was perfect. Temperature was around mid-teens Celsius. Observations started from the time it was still completely dark, until shortly after sunrise. Moon was around half or slightly over, and outside of field of observation initially and later in field of view. Sunrise in the East is blocked from the OP.


Light pollution:       Very little light pollution in the area, especially looking out over the Atlantic with roof and wall lines blocking light from Cape Town to the South and Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and Melkbosstrand, to the ,East and North.


Observer:                Male, Caucasian, 47 years old at the time of observation. No substance abuse, no medication and no adverse health conditions. Observer wears reading glasses but glasses taken off to follow observations. Observer is well educated (post graduate degree) and professional. No other witnesses with observer.


Imaging:                  Attempted to take video/photographs with following equipment: iPhone X, Canon 700D DSLR and Canon Powershot SX610 HS digital camera. Video evidence unremarkable; night video without Night Vision equipment and no Infra Red equipment. Video footage taken during the period after sun up is unremarkable (iPhone X), possibly due to nature of observation. Video manipulation of raw footage by a skilled analyst with high end software tools may show some evidence. May be limited due to EM range of censor relating to spectrum of visible light.


Notes:                      Made notes and rough sketches on paper, as well as more detailed audio notes recording the observations and events, as well as subsequent audio notes on his thoughts and analysis of the observations made.


Observation:           Several different observations made in a series of events, involving what appeared to be unidentified areal vessels or craft and inexplicable manoeuvres of these craft, over the ocean to the West and North of the observation point, over a period of roughly one and a half hours. Initial observation during darkness was of lights in the sky flying in ways that does not correlate with known satellite or aircraft observations. Later observation of vessels after sunrise does not correlate with known aircraft design or capabilities.

The Light


It started at around 06:15, Central African Time, on Friday 4th May. I normally get up at 06:00 in the morning, and though I currently work from home, I like to keep in a habit of getting up early. As I usually do since I banned myself from smoking in my flat, I have my morning coffees and cigarettes out on the patio, and catching up on news feeds on my cell phone. My patio is spitting distance from the beach, and looks out over the Atlantic in a general North Westerly direction, located in a small coastal town around 20km north of Cape Town, South Africa, called Melkbosstrand.


The morning started like any other and I had my nose in twitter, email or some such, when I noticed a bright light appear almost directly ahead of me over the ocean. I see large aircraft coming in over the ocean in the mornings often enough, as they come in on descent after overnight international flights. Sometime the flights come over the ocean when joining the landing pattern at Cape Town International Airport, depending on wind direction etc. When the flights come in, the landing lights can be seen very far out, and appear to be a very bright star in the sky. Due to the direction, this light may appear to be unmoving at times, and I am quite used to this appearance.


The light I saw this morning however was exceptionally bright, and switched off after a few seconds. In total I think it was on for no more than 10 seconds, probably much less. Also, when the light went out, there were no strobes or green and red navigation lights to be seen, as one would see on an aircraft. This did strike me as odd at the time, but I gave it no more serious thought. Perhaps it was still too early in the morning.


The light was around 35° above the horizon, in a direction of around 313° (North West) of my patio Observation Position (OP), as per the compass on my iPhone.


The Bombardment


Within a few minutes of the light going out, as described above, the real strangeness started. More or less in the same area as where I saw the light, perhaps a bit more to the North of my OP but more or less at the same height above the horizon, I noticed a dot of light, like mid bright star, appearing , seeming to hover for a moment, and then shoot off to my right, in a northerly direction, disappearing over the horizon. The horizon at the point where the object/light crossed is not over the ocean. The area is covered with only low dunes up the coast.


Not only did this happen once, but again and again, one after another. First appearing and then accelerating away and over the horizon at tremendous speed. Later, instead of streaking straight off, some would swing in a bit of a circle from the point they emerged, and then accelerate away.


From the time of emergence, to crossing behind the horizon, would take no more than 2 seconds, usually less, every 8 or 10 seconds another. The direction they were flying in eventually changed from roughly North (5 – 15 degrees) to roughly East (90-100 degrees). It is impossible to guess at the height of the point they emerged from, or their flight altitude, as there was nothing to reference it to.


Of course by this time I was fairly interested in what I am seeing, to understate things tremendously. My immediate thought was that I must be dreaming or “seeing things”. Then by the third or fourth one I remembered reading of supposed space based weapon systems, and that what I am seeing is a bombardment of such a weapon system (kinetic bombardment), set loose upon some area on the planet, way up North, possibly towards the Middle East or Eastern Europe (before they started heading East).


The idea of a bombardment was further enforced by my memory of my National Service days in the South African Defence Force, where I served in the Artillery, specifically Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRL), and what I was seeing reminded me of an MRL loosing it’s pack of rockets on a target, the rapid acceleration and speed, seen at distance at night, excluding the long tail of the rocket motor.


Also of note, these were not streaks of light like one would observe when a meteor burns through the atmosphere at speed, but imagine a bright satellite, appearing out of nowhere, then accelerating away incredibly fast, over the horizon.


By now of course the adrenaline is somewhat pumping and I was very wide awake. The total duration may have been around 10 minutes. I went back to news feeds to see if I can pick up anything on the feeds relating to a major military strike but of course found nothing.


Within a very short period of time I also realised that my initial though about a bombardment by space based weapon does not quite make sense, as the point from which the lights appeared, did not move. If this was a spaced based system, the point would have moved, as a satellite moves in orbit, and would not have remained stationary. This leads me to the conclusion that the origin point was at high altitude and not in orbit, and the lights streaking away were in the atmosphere.


I am no mathematician, and I would love to know what the acceleration of these craft where in g’s and what their true airspeed/velocity was by the time they crossed the horizon. It was not possible to discern whether they were still accelerating at the time they crossed the horizon.


The Battle


The next in the whole sequence of phenomena was when I noticed three points of light, started chasing and darting across the sky, zooming around, twisting and turning, decelerating and accelerating, moving individually. Doing manoeuvres that are not possible for any known aircraft I am aware of.


The zooming around seemed to be random until I noticed them converging on a fourth light and then the fun started. It appeared to be a dogfight out of an old World War 1 movie, with aircraft with tight turning circles, having a right go at each other. Perhaps a better description would be moths or other insects around a light, fast tumbling sweeping flight.


The three lights attacking the fourth one, would twist and turn around it, sometime appearing to merge or move behind one another, so that three became two, but always chasing the fourth. The fourth, being the victim of the three attackers, was wheeling about and eventually started to give off streaks or smudges of light, falling behind it in its twisting flight path, like flares ejected by an aircraft trying to avoid missiles, or streaks of fire or debris falling away from damage taken. The box in which the battle took place was relatively small. They were staying in the general same location and altitude.


By this time I had my DSLR camera in my hands and was trying to record it, but it was simply too far away and faint for anything but a Night Vision video setup to record, though it was clearly visible by the naked eye. The good old Mark 1 Eyeball remains an incredible instrument. Watching this video again the first time in over a year after the event, I find my own comments on it the only interesting part of it.


The Battle eventually ended, and the three lights kept zooming around in the sky for several minutes after, as if searching for the fourth. On two occasions the lights did appear to give off a red glow rather than a white light, when decelerating hard and coming to a stop, then going back to a white light when accelerating away.


The Battered One


After The Battle and the subsequent random zooming around, I lost sight of the three lights. For several minutes there was nothing to be seen apart from normal starts blinking away. I then noticed something that appeared higher above the horizon where most of The Battle took place, and further to the West (my left). At about 60° above the horizon, and travelling relatively slowly East, was three red orbs, joined together as one craft. There was a bigger orb in the middle and two smaller ones on each side, in a horizontal orientation. The orbs were not circular but slightly oval, as a circle would appear when seen at a horizontal angle and not head on.


The light emitted from this was not the white star-like quality of the lights I saw earlier, but was as if the orbs emitted a dull orange-red glow. This gave me the feeling of seeing something damaged after The Battle from earlier. This craft kept on a steady course and relatively sedate velocity until disappearing behind the roofline.


There were again no strobes or navigation lights as would appear on an aircraft. It also appeared to be much higher than any aircraft would appear at that position, but also lower in altitude from The Bombardment and The Battle.


By this time I was truly shaken by what I have seen, adrenalin pumping through my veins and shaking like a leaf. As if all of the above phenomena weren’t enough, I was in for a very grand finale.


The Battered One

The Battered One

The Fleet


After The Battered One came and gone, there was a long lull in activities, during which time dawn started breaking and crisp morning started filling the skies. By this time I think I may have been seeing flying lights everywhere, so I let the analytical part of my mind take over and start looking for logical explanations of what I saw, and attempting to tear apart my own rapidly forming theories on what I just observed. More on that later.


At around 07:30, while looking at the moon which was by now to my left, clearly in my field of view, against a very blue morning sky, something very strange caught my eye. Below the moon, around 40° above the horizon, I saw a circular portion of the sky, almost solidify and shrink or crimp, to a relatively small spot or circle, and out of the distorted crimped spot, a shape appeared.


It was difficult to discern the shape. It was like seeing a faint 3D outline of a shadow. A shaped portion of the sky slightly lighter blue than the surrounding sky. A delta wing/wedge/arrow head shaped object, a machine, that accelerated away immediately upon emerging, in an Easterly direction, and was behind the roofline in a second or less.


Now thinking that my eyes deceived me, of course I looked back at the spot below the moon, and almost immediately, saw the same thing happen again. A circle of the sky almost but not quite shimmering, crimping to a spot, and emerging behind or in front of it, just being there, another similar shape, accelerating away.


Crimp, appear, streak away. Over and over again. Different shapes, different sizes, different colour to the shadow outline, some darker blue, some lighter, some more blue than the sky around, some with almost a matt white sheen on certain surfaces. These vessels were clearly masked, so as not to be visible with casual observation, and it appeared as though the mask is intended to show what is behind the vessel, but is not 100% effective, as they were either slightly lighter or darker than the surrounding sky, or had reflective surfaces on some, that caused the sun to reflect in the matt white sheen. Camouflage in essence.


This was a fleet of vessels, emerging from an Emergence Point (EP) in the sky. And not that far above me, somewhere between 500 and 1500m above me. The horizontal distance from me seemed much less than the vertical. This carried on for about 15 minutes total, vessel after vessel. Some flying away in a straight line, some making a bit of a sweep to the North over the bay, before turning and heading out East, all in the same direction – around 90° East.


All of this, without a single sound. Not a whistle, hum, rumble or scream of an engine. Not a sound of a sonic boom as these vessels blasted away, and surely they were very quickly exceeding the speed of sound. Total and complete silence, well, from the vessels that is. The waves and the birds did not get the memo and remained their noisy selves.


I eventually recovered enough from shock to try to record them on my phone (iPhone X) as they emerged and flew off. I fumbled a bit with the phone as by this time my whole body was shaking, and did not actually get the recording going at my first attempt, only thinking I did. If you press the recording button too quickly after switching to video, it does not record. Damn lag. Fight or flight adrenalin soaked. I did manage to record 2 video clips after, and to my disappointment but not unexpected, it shows nothing remarkable. Only good thing is my comments. At least to me, looking at the raw clips and not possessing the skills or software to run it through filters that may reveal something. I would have loved to hear after what my description was on the first attempt at recording, but as mentioned, sadly I managed to not record.


For a few days after the phenomena I would still sometimes catch myself thinking that I must have dreamt this. Then I look at the clips and listen to my comments, and the screen shots of the compass where I took the direction, and screenshot of the protractor I used to get an idea of elevation, and know it was real.


I estimate that during the 15 minutes I observed the fleet emerged and flew away from the EP, at an interval of around 8 to 10 seconds each, a fleet of between 80 to 120 vessels came through that EP.


The vessels fell into distinct categories. Machine-like vessels, that could clearly be identified as a manufactured machine. Biological shapes that where more representative of some sea creatures in shape, and lastly a group that appeared elemental, crystalline or mineral shaped. More on those below (I compare the vessels to things I know and are known, so the reader can get an idea of the shape):


  • The Machines



These vessels were clearly machines as they displayed straight lines, angles and surfaces or outlines, which were clearly machine-like in concept and design. In general, these appeared delta shaped, wedge shaped, arrow head shaped or triangular, though not perfect triangles. More elongated triangles with sharp rake. Some were rolling/banking as they moved off, changing the shape and rake of the delta. None appeared equilateral. They varied significantly in size and basic outline, with some having different protrusions breaking up the outlines, but often reminded me of 3 known basic triangular shaped aircraft:

A fairly streamlined delta wing aircraft, not as elongated as the Concorde, more like an old Mirage III. These varied in size from small to medium, and showed clear protrusions, breaking up the outline, and could at times be seen rolling, but no observed pitch variations.


Ones with slightly reduced wing rake, and larger, reminding me of the old British Vulcan bombers. These were larger than the first type, around the medium mark. They seemed to be slightly slower in acceleration. There were not many of these.


The third and one of biggest (excluding d) below). Reminded me of one of the big Imperial ships in the Star Wars films, minus the tower/bridge section. A very big, very elongated and flattened triangle. There was only one of these. No roll but did appear to pitch up slightly when accelerating away. Long triangular surface on the right (starboard) dorsal side of the vessel gave a matt white sheen as if sun reflected off it. The back, as it moved away from me showed two circular structures, reminding of rocket/jet nozzles but not quite, a thicker rim, towards the outer edges of the stern. One of the circles seemed half lit with the same matt white sheen as appeared on the dorsal surface. This may have been caused by the circles tilted vertically and half of one circle catching sunlight. Alternatively some steering/propulsion emission.


One exception to the above was the emergence of an extremely large vessel, which was slow to emerge from the EP, bow to stern, or nose to tail, whichever way one chooses to term it. It was also the slowest in acceleration of all the vessels observed, as one would expect from a very large vessel, however,  that could just have been an effect of the sheer scale of it, similarly how a very large aircraft seems slow to accelerate in its take off run.  The scale of this vessel was extremely intimidating. Imagine something that appears to be larger than an aircraft carrier, appear overhead at short distance. It filled an arc of almost 90° in the sky above me. This vessel had a slightly pointed, but rounded nose, and straight sides, followed by a step down and another portion of straight sides, with a second step down and a third straight edge. The third edge disappeared as it accelerated away and the view became more angled to a three quarter rear view. Simple trigonometry puts the size of this vessel between 700m and 2 000m in length, if my height estimation of 500m to 1 500m is in any way valid.



  • Organic



The next category of craft, biological or organic in shape, most often resembling marine creatures, like rays and horseshoe crabs. Some would appear like a manta ray, with slight protrusions to the front or middle, front and back. Some appeared to have thin sharpish wings, while other had more rounded wings. Some appeared to be nothing more than a crescent, some flying with round leading edge, and some with the horns of the crescent in the front. These collectively were the most numerous of the vessels observed and far outnumbered the other categories.


  • Elemental



These vessels appeared to be fairly asymmetrical in shape, and either took on the outline of a collection of tapering crystals, or seeing the silhouette of a thin leaved aloe plant. The second type appeared to be more of a circular mineral blob or cluster, with an irregular outline of square protrusions.  The crystalline vessels were rather numerous, ranging in size, with a few of them being very large. The mineral ships were very low in number and on the small to medium scale.


In addition to the above vessels, there was a handful of which the shape could not be discerned. It simply appeared as a solidified or flawed crimped point or knot of sky that flew off. These ships were either very small or used a completely different masking technology. All vessels had a faint halo around them at all times, both when emerging and when accelerating away. This may be significant in terms of drive, aerodynamic and/or visual masking.



Below are presented some rough sketches I made of the vessels in The Fleet. The first time in my life I wished I had an artist in me somewhere, or that I had perfect recall.


The first picture is an attempt to illustrate the differences in hues of the masking effect. The blue background was actually taken from the video recording. The square shapes were used is to indicate the hues in order to not confuse with any actual shapes observed.



The What and Why


By attempting to make sense of the whole series of phenomena, the only way I can think of doing so, would be to attach some sort of logic to the sequence of observations.


The Bombardment was simply the first part of the arrival of The Fleet. The larger Fleet is mixed/combined fleet of vessels from various Extra-terrestrial Civilizations (EC). This arrival was detected by another group and interrupted by the three vessels of The Battle who tried to stop The Fleet, or at the very least disrupt the arrival or the EP itself. Eventually the 3 vessels moved off together, as The Battered One. The EP was subsequently moved further East and dropped in altitude, and the Fleet movement continued unchallenged until completed. The light in the very beginning could have been the initial arrival of the leading Visitor Vessel (VV), or the initial beacon for the EP. Adding the two parts of The Fleet together, somewhere between 110 to 150 VV’s arrived that morning. It could be more as I may not have actually observed the whole movement.


A large combined fleet of vessels needs to be moved to Earth. As they are to arrive in the atmosphere, a three dimensional environment, they would have to be well organised and arranged, similar to how aircraft are stacked at busy airports, and the arrival point, the EP, would have to be clearly marked.


There would in essence be only a few reasons I can think of to move such a Fleet to Earth, or anywhere else for that matter; A fleet sent to attack or invade. A fleet sent to defend against an attack. A fleet sent to assist in some or other pending catastrophe or disaster and possibly serve as an evacuation fleet. A merchant, scientific or diplomatic fleet. Maybe Earth is just a refreshment stop on some trade route, like Cape Town used to be for the Dutch East India Company. Last but not least, a fleet could be deployed in a war between EC’s, and Earth may just be a local theatre, or one of many. The Battle the effect of blockade running?


What is Earth to the visitors? A farm, a zoo, a nature reserve, military outpost, a trading post, a science experiment, or are we a planet and civilisation that is being visited, studied and exploited, without our explicit open knowledge and participation, as we are deemed to still be too undeveloped to participate, or too uncivilised or hostile?


The direction that the VV’s moved during the total Fleet emergence differed, which may indicate deployment to different points on Earth. There may thus be bases in various locations on Earth.


Seeing the VV’s initially when it was still dark as star-like lights in the sky, flying around and streaking away, may very well just be an effect of their drives, masking technology etc. What made them appear as a light in the dark may be what appeared to be the halo during the daylight observation.


Is there something particular about the skies over this part of the Cape? If a large group or fleet of vessels wants to move undetected, why not emerge in the middle of an ocean or desert? Perhaps there is something about this area of sky, off the coast North of Cape Town, which is conducive to the formation and utilisation of an EP or EP technology. This could have something to do with Earth’s localised gravity and/or magnetosphere, line of sight from their departure point or other unknown factors, or a combination of same.



What was NOT observed:


As important as it is to relay what I observed, it is also very important to relay what I did NOT observe or experience.


No lights on any of the vessels in The Fleet. One large vessel in The Fleet appeared to have some vaguely reflective surfaces, reflecting sunlight on the upper right as it flew away pitched up, in the shape of a very elongated triangular surface. This same vessel had two circles in the back, reminding me of rocket nozzles. Half of one of these circles appeared to radiate or reflect a similar white light as the upper right surface. I cannot recall which half of which of the two circles. It was visible for a fraction of a second.


No Markings were observed on The Fleet vessels and no windows of any kind. The masking used would have hidden same if any was present. Similarly, I could not observe the actual colour/texture/materials of the surfaces of the VV’s. The masking prevented this.


None of the vessels in the fleet were remotely saucer, disc, cylinder or cigar shaped in the classical description of UFO’s. Having said that, I observed the vessels from below at an angle as the EP what not directly above me. So in essence I observed the vessels in a bottom plan view, at a slight angle. I did observe a few of the smaller delta shaped vessels roll and bank when moving away from the EP, so did observe more of an aspect change on them. So, it is possible that some of the vessels may have a vague disc shape when viewed from the side, similar to how the B2 bomber seen from the side appears roughly disc shaped at a distance and at certain aspects, as I did not see any of them in side view.


Though a large number of vessels in the fleet where delta/wedge/arrowhead shaped in various forms, which strictly speaking is triangular, none of them where the much described equilateral triangle shape. There were no smooth sided triangles with equilateral sides, and rounded corners. The overall sense was of delta or arrowhead shaped craft with various protrusions on the surfaces, and of varying size, purpose, features and designs.


Nothing was seen “through” the EP point itself. It was simply a weird round, crimping flaw in the sky, with the normal blue sky in and around it. Vessels appeared to emerge transposed over it, rather than through it. Could be just and optical effect.


Searching the internet for observed or described UFO/UAP shapes did not turn up any positively correlating results. Of course I could not have researched all possible reports.


In general, though some of the Machine and Organic VV’s could be seen to incorporate some aerodynamic principles in their design, the Elemental VV designs clearly did not. I don’t think aerodynamics plays any real roll in the design and function of the VV’s.


No landings of any kind, land or sea.


No observations of any crew.


No sound of any kind. Not engine or drive, and no wind or sonic booms on any of the vessels in the total phenomena. The waves are quite noisy, so if there was some low level sound given off by the EP or the VV’s motors/drives, the sound of the waves may have drowned it out. Sonic booms would not have been drowned out by waves. Listening to the sound on the video recordings made did not reveal anything either, apart from reverberation of the waves around the patio walls/roof. Technical analysis of the recording may reveal something else.


No signs or signatures of known/conventional weapons being employed during The Battle. No flashes or tracers of guns. No visible missiles or rocket motors. No laser type lights. This does not mean that there weren’t any of these, it was simply not observed. No sound of weapons/damage either – probably just too far away if there was any.


No observed electromagnetic effects, both on electronic equipment like phone and cameras, lights or electrostatic effect on me.


No other effect on myself, either physical or mental. Emotional yes. In a profound way, during the observations when it finally clicked what I was seeing and long after.


The phenomena were not a visual hallucination or the effect of pareidolia, apophenia, delusions or whatever other psychiatric condition. I looked into the myriad of possible of psychological conditions that supposedly can cause one to see strange things, and I cannot see how any of these could explain the observed phenomena as a complete series of observations and events and I have no history of any conditions like this.


Observations not the result of optical illusion, holographic projection, motes or floaters in eyes, corneal detachment, ocular migraine etc.


Seemingly no effect on animal life – birds went about their morning business unperturbed. The videos taken of The Fleet do however lack any seagulls, which is strange for around here and that time of the morning, but may not be of any significance and purely coincidental.


In general: No balloons (of ANY kind), ball lightning, swamp gas, reflections off clouds, Venus, misidentified aircraft, drones, satellites, space junk, meteors or meteor showers or any of the other nonsense explanations that have been thrown around in the past to explain away such sightings.




Thoughts, theories and postulations:


There is life on Earth, thus life is possible and indeed exists. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable to expect life to occur elsewhere in the universe. It is a very big universe out there.


Some of those other species or civilisations (EC’s) are here, visiting earth, for whatever reason, and may have been here and coming and going for many years.


Based on the broad designs patterns and appearance of the vessels of The Fleet, there are at least three source species/civilisations in this mixed fleet. Likely many more as I would imagine that relatively common shapes would be used for vessel designs, especially on the Machine side of things.


The fact that other species/civilisations are visiting or present on Earth, means that there must be something somewhat special to Earth or its inhabitants, or that though life exists elsewhere, it is still fairly rare, and thus worth studying , exploring and protecting, or both. The genetic variation on Earth is very wide and could be the primary reason for their presence. They would not be here for any material resources as matter is very abundant around the universe. On top of that, a sufficiently advanced civilisation would be able to easily mine elements virtually anywhere, or indeed even be able to convert elements from others as needed.


Their interest could be trade, biological resources, anthropology, biology, technology, AI, theology and a number of other “ologies”.


The Battle is significant in the sense that it did not take the attackers/defenders long to find the initial emergence of the fleet and start their action against it. This means there must be a very well developed and deployed detection and tracking system in place around Earth, to enable an action to be taken so quickly after the initial emergence. Secondly, a substantial number of vessels must be around the world in deployed positions, loitering around, that could react to the emergence in such short a time. Or they have fantastic scramble times and of course I now know that speed is not a problem.


Some of the vessels may be of human or terrestrial origin. If we were the attackers of the Fleet/EP, defending Earth, it would mean we have similar hidden technologies and are very much aware of these EC’s. Entirely possible. If so, the organisation(s) that control this would keep it ultra-secret. If we we’re not involved, and this was a conflict/confrontation between 2 EC’s, or groups of same, then those same powers that be would also keep it ultra-secret, so as not to let the broad public know that we have no idea what is going on and have no way of defending ourselves against any of this. Both ideas are equally disturbing. There may also be debris on the ocean floor in that area as a result of the battle, if it was large enough to fall to the ocean and sink down and not be blown or swept away.


Faster than light travel exists. The Fleet proves it by emerging from the EP. The Fleet did not travel in any conventional way through 3D space, but moved through an alternative method or medium.


The EP never changed in size or position, despite the fact that the VV’s emerging varied widely in size and shape. This may be indicative that not only do the vessels travel through some form of compressed space, but also that the vessels themselves are compressed in physical size, and then expand to normal size/space, once through the EP.


The EP itself is counter intuitive. It is not like a hole that expands or dilates in size, or iris open, to allow something through. It starts larger and then focuses down in size, before the vessel emerges. This could indicate that the EP is:

= A beacon projected to indicate where and when the vessel must emerge, or

= The terminus of some Compressed Space Tunnel (CST), or Sub Space Tunnel (SST) that is projected or focused by another vessel/system.

= Whether the vessels themselves have these jump capabilities, or simply travel through CST/SST generated from somewhere else does not matter if one considers the fact that the EP is actually in the Earth’s atmosphere. These vessels do not have to jump or travel into our solar system and then slowly make their way to Earth and enter the atmosphere. They can jump straight in.


Exotic methods of propulsion are not only possible, but exist. More than one type – instantaneous point to point travel and conventional 3D travel, at least.


The VV’s make no sound. Neither engine/drive/propulsion sounds as we would observe with our powered aircraft, nor do they cause any sonic booms. The fact they can move without disturbing the air around them may indicate that the VV’s could possibly also travel in water. Perhaps in a projected bubble, that negates the effect of the environment on the ship. The halo observed perhaps.


Cancellation or dampening of gravity and inertia is possible and employed by the vessels. The generation and projection of a gravity field may be indeed the method through which these vessels are moved. This would partly explain the negation of inertia observed in rapid acceleration/deceleration and direction changes, as the whole vessel will be in the projected gravity field, thus negating inertia completely.


Seen at distance, at night, the pin prick of light or the effect of a star flying around, may be the result of the drive and/or masking technology itself, in a lensed effect. When seen during the day, at closer distances, this emission of light may be negated by daylight and be seen as the halo.


Exotic sources of energy exist and are actively used.


Masking technology exists. In fact it is actively used to hide the craft, suggesting that the Visitors do not want to be seen. It is however not perfect. The right type of instruments will detect masked vessels, preferably using passive scanning and observation. I have some thoughts and ideas on instruments and design that could make up such an instrument package and make it usable for observing these VV’s and EP’s, and will explore this.


Photos and videos, even if I could get any of this captured, would not mean much. CGI, Photoshop and general image manipulation leaves even good footage rather useless. Cameras, even relatively good ones, are simply not good enough to really capture these kinds of phenomena. Special instruments are needed, as alluded to above.


It was by pure chance that I observed the EP and The Fleet. If I was not looking at the exact point in the sky at the exact moment, I would not have observed any of this. Even the largest of the VV’s would be completely invisible to a casual observer due to the masking and speed, as well as the sheer “impossibility” of it, that the mind will simply reject as a vague movement in peripheral vision.


There may be several hundred, even thousands, of exotic vessels on and around earth.


Surely, there are individuals, organisations, agencies and governments, who know a great deal about these phenomena. Who these visitors are, and why they are here. Whether they know all there is to know, and the whole truth of it, is debatable.


There is nothing magical, religious or occultist about these phenomena. It is pure physics, and on a much more complex level that we are yet to understand.


These vessels are not some undisclosed or secret tech from the USA, Russia, China or whomever else one wants to throw into that pot. There is nothing of strategic or military significance about the area where the phenomena were observed, or about South Africa in general, thus there is no reason any world power would be throwing such tech around in this area, thus it is not earthly tech.


Organisations like SETI etc are wasting their time looking for signals from the stars. They need to look much much closer. In our own atmosphere, low orbit and maybe out to neighbouring planets. Whether one would be able to pick up a transmission from the VV’s is another question. They most likely will use communication devices and methods that are as far removed from ours as their vessels are from ours. It’s just much higher physics.


The 5 Observables – Recently there has been a lot of references to what is called the 5 observables in terms of UFO/UAP sightings and observations. These being 1) Anti-gravity lift, 2) Sudden and instantaneous acceleration, 3) Hypersonic velocities without signatures, 4) Low observability or cloaking and 5) Trans-medium travel. When measuring my observation as described against these 5 observables, the following:

1)Anti-gravity lift – Yes this was observed. When specifically referring to the part of the phenomena termed The Fleet, I observed vessels of various designs, and a vast number of those did not have aerodynamic shapes or lifting surfaces. They would emerge in hover, then accelerate away at extremely high g.

2) Sudden and instantaneous acceleration – Yes this was observed. During The Bombardment, The Battle and The Fleet, instantaneous and sudden acceleration and deceleration was observed, at g rates that are simply not possible, estimated to be up to 1000g at times.This includes impossibly high g course changes too. Inertia must be dampened by some technology or the result of the propulsion system itself.

3) Hypersonic velocities without signatures – Yes this was observed. The distance traveled between Emergence Point and crossing the horizon during The Bombardment, in the time it took for the vessels to do so, points to speeds far exceeding what is even referred to as Hypersonic. A new term needs to be coined for these speeds. There was also no sound or sonic indications. During The Fleet emergence, when the vessels were much closer and seen during daylight conditions, there were still no sounds and no visual indicators of hypersonic speeds such as air pressure contrails or vortices.   

4) Low observability or cloaking – Yes this was observed. During the observation of The Fleet, all the vessels displayed low observability, what I refer to as being masked. Others may refer to this as cloaked. I strongly believe this is a purposeful and an active form of camouflage employed by the visitors to avoid detection. Different methods may be used, as the masking did not appear the same for all vessels. 

5) Trans-medium travel – This was partly observed. I did not observe trans-medium travel in terms of space to air, or air to water, but I did observe emergence or transition from somewhere or somewhen else, to air. I would say that this somewhere/when else to air or space, may have to be included in the definition of trans-medium. So spacetime transition should be included along with liquid, gas and vacuum transition.


Last Edit – 4 June 2021