Most of life’s significant experiences occur on Fridays. You get a new job, you lose a job, depart on a fantastic holiday, meet the most amazing person in the world, have the most memorable parties, observe a breath taking lunar eclipse, witness fleets of impossible flying craft emerge out of thin air. All these things happen, under Friday Skies. DeeBee

The Battered One

The Battered One



Friday Phenomena   




This is an account of phenomena I observed on the morning of 4th May 2018, over the Atlantic Ocean, just North of Cape Town, South Africa.


It has taken me a very long time to reach the point of actually publishing this account, for various reasons. Observing such phenomena is incredibly disruptive to one’s life as it completely shatters the sense of reality, or at the very least, makes one question the reality of the world out there to such an extent that it results in a sort of limbo that is extremely difficult to break out of. I am hoping this effort will help with that. I went from being intellectually open to the idea of life elsewhere in the universe, skipped wanting to believe, rushed straight past actually believing and ended up at knowing, in an extraordinarily short space of time. It is not an easy thing to deal with.


Part of the reason for actually publishing this, is to find some sort of pressure release, by sharing the experience. Sadly, when one talks about this sort of experience with friends or family, it more often than not results in either complete disbelief or the opinion that one is experiencing some sort of mental or physical instability. At best one can expect a reaction of superficial belief as there are at least some people who are open to the general idea. Of course I have questioned my own mental and physical state to find something which could explain the observations away, and concluded that the simple fact of the matter is that I saw exactly what I saw.


The vast majority of people have no interest in the subject and have no conviction on it either way. Very few people actually look up at the sky with attention and really think about what could possibly be out there. They are not to blame, as life is complex enough without it, and most people are completely wrapped up in themselves.


At best I hope that by publishing this account I could eventually reach like-minded individuals with whom I can discuss this with, as a serious subject. After observing these phenomena, I have soaked up an incredible amount of information on the subject through videos, books, podcasts etc. My aim on the deep dive into the subject was to find some form of confirmation that someone else out there has seen something similar, or that I can find some report and confirmation on the shape and nature of the vessels I observed. I have been unsuccessful for the most part, to my disappointment.


What I have found however is a whole world of what is generally termed Ufology. Without going into too much detail, I have had some passing interest in the subject before, but on a fairly superficial level. Though I am a Science Fiction reader, and enjoy the genre in movies among others, and have heard of a few UFO “cases” in passing, I was and still am an extreme sceptic on the subject. Outside of my profession and work, I have a very deep interest in general science, engineering, photography and the field of aviation, having been involved in aviation on a limited scale throughout my life.


The world of Ufology is not just filled with wild speculation and murky waters, but really muddy waters to the point of zero clarity. There are some people in this field who do seem to research, report or argue in a logical and sensible manner, and I am grateful for them, though for the most part, it is a cesspool of fantasy, deception, exploitation, sheer lunacy and pseudo spiritual drivel. Thank goodness there are some clear minds and voices sprinkled about in there. I would speculate that most people who do approach this subject from a serious scientific background, would keep their interest and involvement quiet as not to be tainted by the rest, or at the very least, not lean towards the more esoteric side of it. Those who know everything don’t talk, and those who talk don’t know everything. The latter would now actually include myself, unfortunately. The whole truth may actually be buried as small pearls within all that mud.


Another reason for publishing is that though I have no doubt that there are organisations/agencies around the world that know all about this subject, or this type of phenomena, and perhaps there is something small about this specific observation that could prove of some value to a researcher out there. I am sure that many thousands of people have witnessed this kind of event and simply never talk about it. Either for fear of ridicule, or fear of reprisal from whatever/whoever is behind it or knows about it. A large number would also simply dismiss outright what they saw as impossible and ban it from their minds. Truth however, is stranger than fiction.


Through this account I’ll attempt, in my less than perfect command of the English language, it not being my first language, to firstly convey what I observed, then to tie the whole series of observations together in a logical narrative, after which I’ll postulate my theories on the what and the why thereof. This will be based solely on what I observed, or not, and will not be contaminated with what I have learned over the past year on the subject in general. This account was written over a long period of time. I am no writer, so my writing may sometimes be lazy, sometimes descriptive, sometimes with humour, sometimes not. Trying to keep it short is also a bit difficult. It turned into a long report. Perhaps at some stage I shall make the report into video format. I do realise a lot of people would prefer that to actual reading.


Placing this narrative on a website may very well open me up to unwanted attention, scrutiny and ridicule, which I really do not need in my life. It is also however a good way of getting the experience out to those who may find it of interest or value, while maintaining control and ownership of the narrative itself, and not have it twisted and polluted, as it is my first-hand account and only I can add to it or edit it. Questions from readers, which I may not have thought of, could help to further expand on the theory of the observations. Trolling will not be accepted.


This first draft may be added to and edited over time. I shall also write some related blogs or articles in future to expand on the general subject and my thoughts on it, as I have many. As I do not want this to interfere with my normal life and work, more than it already has, and my relationships with family and friends, I would prefer to remain anonymous, for as long as possible at least. There is nothing special about me. I was just at the right place at the right time. Or, considering the disruption this observation caused in my life, the wrong place at the wrong time. The jury is still out on that one. Who I am is not important. The phenomena are.


Dee Bee

August 2019